Man of Steel 2015

London to the Matterhorn in Just 2 Weeks. Help us make a difference to the lives of children and veterans.

Organised by Feat4All.


Running - 65 miles


Kayaking - 24 miles


Cycling - 598 Miles


Climbing - to 4478 metres

What We’re Doing

  • 2 weeks, over 1200 Kilometers.
  • Travelling from London to the Matterhorn by Land, Sea & Saddle.
  • Summiting one of the Alps most spectacular peaks, with updates of the training, trials and tribulations up to the summit.

We run from the O2 Centre in London to Rye Harbour, some 67 miles away.

We completeĀ a crossing of the English Channel by kayaking 24 miles (21 nautical miles) across the English Channel, from Rye Harbour to Boulogne-sur-Mer.

We cycle along the line of the Western Front of the Great War of 100 years ago, covering 600 miles between the French Coast and the iconic Matterhorn.

Using the Hornli Ridge we climb to an altitude of 4478 metres, to the summit of the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps.

Don't Be Shy

Please get in touch if you’re keen to find out how to help the cause or want more information on the event.