Leg 1. RUN – from the O2 Arena in London to Folkstone

A gruelling 60+ mile run in the summer sun to loosen off the legs and start our epic challenge. Early estimates are for a 12 – 16 hour finish time before a lengthy stretch off and alot of food!

Leg 2. KAYAK – Kayak the English Channel – Folkstone to Cap Griz

An early rise to catch the tides and paddle the swells across the Channel to mainland Europe and mountains ahead. This should involve roughly a 26-30 mile kayak (tides dependent) and should hopefully be completed in 6-8 hours.

Leg 3. BIKE – Cycle from Cap Griz to Zermatt

Up to 5 days to cycle over 1000 kilometres, stretching over France and into the mountains of Switzerland.

Leg 4. CLIMB – Climb the Matterhorn

The final push, the Horn….. 3 to 4 days of ascent, acclimatising to the altitude, resting at the Hornli hut and pushing on to the peak.
The culmination of 2 weeks of hard work and months of hard training.
With a descent possibly consisting of Speed Riding off the summit, dependent on the weather and general conditions.